Monday, February 25, 2008


It's finally finished!

If you're here for the first time, welcome - this is a blog where I'll be posting additional juicy tidbits about this silly film and how it was made. Maybe other films in the future?! Woohoo! (Note to any lawyers reading: Lawsuits are WAY more trouble than they are worth.)

First, I gotta introduce and thank some folks:

The smoke monster was voiced by Peter Michail, who has mad voiceover skills and kindly lent them to me, along with an entertaining string of curse words and vitriolic glee.

Brad Gake gave us creative feedback, and occasionally harassed Pete when he felt he wasn't being funny enough.

Michael D'Ambrosio let us use his recording studio at work after hours! Thanks Mike!

Scott Lowe cut together a lot of the live action footage. He also enjoys coffee, and has a thing for scarves.

And my name is Anne, and I came up with this ridiculous idea, designed the smoke monster, animated the whole shebang on the quick, and proceeded to forget about it for 7 months until it was completely outdated.

Hope you enjoy! Leave comments! More will be coming soon, hopefully!